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Climate Answers Plan(e)t Trees

A nature-based climate solution – 1000 trees planting in @ Local Authority by 2025 Studies show different levels of ambition and potential but all are clear that carefully restored ecosystems can help solve three interlinked crises; the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and health poverty.

For climate, the most urgent priority is to meet the goal of keeping global heating to below 1.5c decarbonising the economy, but restoring our forests, grasslands, wetlands, plus enhancing soil health providing ecosystems critical for wildlife. This can also benefit local communities According to Natural England, for every £1 spent on planting trees the UK saves £7 in healthcare, energy and environmental costs.

‘Tree planting ‘has mind blowing potential’ to tackle climate crisis’ Damian Carrington Guardian Environment editor writes (4 July 2019) Research shows a trillion trees could be planted to capture huge amount of carbon dioxide. Scientists agree that carbon will need to be removed from the atmosphere to avoid catastrophic climate impacts and warn that technological solutions will not work on the vast scale needed.

Tree planting is a, “climate change solution that doesn’t require President Trump to immediately start believing in climate change, or scientists to come up with technological solutions to draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. It is available now, it is the cheapest one possible and every one of us can get involved” said Professor Tom Crowther at Swiss University ETH Zurich who led recent research. He emphasised that it remains vital to reverse the current trends of rising greenhouse gas emissions from fossil fuel burning and forest destruction and bring them down to zero.

Michael Gove, whilst Environment Secretary launched an Urban Tree Challenge fund that includes £10 million in grants for 130,000 trees to be planted across towns and cities in England.

Climate Answers Plan(e)t Tree initiative aims to plant 1000 trees in every local authority by 2025 in partnership with:

Stephen Woroniecki

9 July 2019 – Guardian Opinion

‘A new analysis by UNS Intergovernmental Panel on climate change finds that adding nearly 1 billion hectares of forest could remove two-thirds of the roughly 300 gigatons of carbon humans have added to the atmosphere since the 1800s.

‘’Forests represent one of our biggest natural allies against climate change’’ says Laura Duncanson, a carbon storage researcher at the University of Maryland.

‘Tree planting could take place across the world. In terms of Carbon capture, you get the biggest bang for your buck in areas with 100% cover – such as the tropics. Planting billions of trees across the world is by far the biggest and cheapest way to tackle the climate crisis, according to scientists who have made the calculations determining how many more trees could be planted without encroaching on crop land or urban areas. As trees grow, they absorb carbon dioxide that drives global heating. New research estimates that as worldwide planting programme could remove 2/3 of all emissions that have been released into the atmosphere through human activities, a figure the scientists describe as “mind-blowing”. Tree planting is possible now and is the cheapest solution possible, and every one of us can get involved. Individuals can make a tangible impact by growing trees themselves, donating to reforestation organisations and avoiding irresponsible companies.’

Damien Carrington

4 July 2019 – The Guardian

‘Let’s plant a million trees and make London a true urban forest’

Trees should naturally be our defence against runaway climate change, absorbing carbon emissions as well as providing a home for wildlife, but over the centuries, we have cleared our forests, leaving the UK with some of the smallest areas of woodland in Europe; if the Government is serious about climate change, it should act now to bring back some of our lost trees.

Dan Ruven-Ellison

24 May 2019 – Evening Standard

Trees for Cities are currently the only charity working at national and international scale to improve lives by planting trees in cities. Getting into local communities to cultivate lasting change in their neighbourhoods, Trees for Cities has planted 1 million trees since 1993 including urban tress, edible playgrounds, planting in and around perimeters of schools.

The organisation Rewilding Britain calls for a quarter of the UK ‘s land to be restored to nature. This is a doable and necessary ambition. We have 3.8 million gardens in London covering 25% of the city. Increasingly they are grey, poisoned and devoid of life.



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