About Climate Answers

The charity ‘Stephen Tindale Climate Answers’ is in memory of Stephen Tindale (1963-2017).

He was dedicated for most of his career to advancing pragmatic solutions for major environmental and climatic challenges.

Stephen was a committed environmentalist and social reformer who saw the dangers and risks of the modern world but who retained a sense of optimism that change and progress were possible.

The aim of the charity is to continue the work Stephen began by giving practical help and support to those who are working on the issues to which he devoted his life.

The agenda is wide – Stephen had broad interests and his work over thirty years touched on many issues from Energy Policy and the alternatives to a carbon based economy to the environmental impact of the choices society was making – from the quality of the air in Oxford Street to the persistence of energy poverty.

“Stephen never believed he had all the answers but he always believed there were answers to be found.”

Stephen’s legacy

It is thus apt that Stephen’s legacy should be the continuation of his work. The charity provides practical support to people wishing to make their own career and/or with specific proposals in fields to which Stephen devoted his life. Applicants may apply for a grant of up to fifteen thousand pounds in a relevant area that may constitute research, training, policy advancement and/or practical applications. This may involve individual work or ideally, a placement in a relevant host organisation.

Like Stephen, we hope beneficiaries of the charity will adapt to the wide, constantly changing agenda climate change presents and produce innovative solutions supported by growing research in the field.

We welcome ideas and contributions. Stephen never believed he had all the answers but he always believed there were answers to be found.

Our role is to continue the search. Thank you for your kind consideration.



Patron-Rt Honourable Lord Smith of Finsbury

Nick Butler

Visiting Professor at King’s College London. He chairs Promus Associates and Ridgeway Information Ltd. He is a Senior Adviser to Coller Capital and Linton Capital and a member of the Strategic Advisory Council of Equinor (formerly Statoil). From 2007 to 2009 he was Chairman of the Cambridge Centre for Energy Studies. He was a special adviser to the former British prime minister Gordon Brown from 2009-2010. He is a non executive Director of Cambridge Econometrics and a Trustee of Asia House. He was appointed in 2018 to the expert panel of advisers for The Faraday Institution, which works on the development of batteries and energy storage. He writes regularly in the Financial Times on Energy and Power.

Katherine Gillbe

Katherine has a long-standing interest in environmental issues. She first met Stephen in 2015 when they worked together on a project for communications firm, Edelman. Katherine started her career at environmental regeneration charity, Groundwork, before working for cross party think tank, Policy Connect, on sustainability policy. She then spent four years as a government relations adviser at the Environment Agency, including for Chris Smith, working on flooding, environmental regulation and climate change. Katherine is currently an Associate Director at in the Corporate Affairs team at Edelman. She advises clients on their corporate communications and is a specialist in sustainability and social purpose. Katherine has degrees in Ecology and Environmental Management for Business. She has a passion for the outdoors and whenever possible, you’ll find her planning her next hike!

Tony Grayling

Tony became a trustee in April 2019. He was a friend and colleague of Stephen’s for a quarter of a century, first working with him in the mid 1990s when Stephen was a researcher for Chris Smith MP, then Labour’s environment spokesperson in opposition, and Tony was the Labour Party’s environment policy officer. Like Stephen, he had a stint at the Institute for Public Policy Research, a centre-left think tank. Subsequently as a special adviser to Environment Secretary David Miliband MP, Tony helped to conceive and design the Climate Change Act 2008. He is currently Director of Sustainable Business and Development at the Environment Agency, England’s principal environmental regulator.

Helen Tindale

Green Business entrepreneur.

Jane Williams

Jane’s background is in research management and policy in the public sector. She has worked for several top rated UK and US universities, as well as having experience in national research policy. She currently works for Imperial College London as Head of Research Strategy Development in the Faculty of Engineering. Jane has a long-standing interest in public policy, particularly as it relates to the environment, and in the past has played an active role in various political organisations. She has degrees in Chemistry and Science Policy, and became a Trustee for Climate Answers in 2019, motivated by the belief that there are solutions to climate change, and that scientific understanding and technological innovation are part of the answer. She lives in north London with her husband and son.